What I’m doing now

Updated January 30th, 2018, from Staffordshire, England.

New Beginnings

My focus at the start of 2019 is establishing my consulting business Acumore. I’ve wasted spend over 10 hours across 2 weeks searching for a name. From things as crazy as uphollo, dependiture and amorizon to the more boring such as Pro Consultant, BridgeOrder and GrowthFront. But now is the time for action and moving on. Acumore it comes from the combination of ‘acumen’ and ‘more’ – although noone I’ve asked associates it with that combo. However it is relatively unique with the domain and social handles available. Summary – naming things is hard…

I’ve also set goals for the first time so I’m following through on those (I’ll write about that at some point).

This /now page is inspired by Derek Sivers.