Why Life is Just Like Avocados

Brilliant little post from Seth Godin on the fractal nature of life, avocados and happiness:

1. If you wait until you really want an avocado, the market won’t have any ripe ones. You need to buy them in advance.
2. If you eat an avocado that’s not quite ripe, you won’t enjoy it. AND, you won’t have a chance to enjoy it tomorrow, when it would have been perfect if you had only waited.
3. If you live your life based on instant gratification and little planning, you’ll either never have a good avocado or you’ll pay more than you should to someone else who planned ahead.
4. Buy more avocados than you think you need, because the hassles are always greater than the cost, so you might as well invest.
5. And since you have so many, share them when they’re ripe. What goes around comes around.

The avocado principles – Seth Godin

Friend’s are what immediately comes to mind for me. You can’t develop friends when you want or need them. But if you continuously create and nurture new relationships you’ll always have someone when you need them…

Also show me someone who’s tried a perfectly ripe avocado and not enjoyed it…