Fat for Fuel – Dr Mercola

Fat for Fuel Review Straight forward intro to ketosis and a general better way of eating. Provides a nice mix of how-to and background science, evidence and information on how to eat. Personally I’ve never formally entered ketosis but it is on my someday maybe list. I’ll report back in if /when I do and … Read More

Million Dollar Consulting – Alan Weiss

Probably the canonical book on becoming a consultant. It was key when I set up my business consulting business and is what I share with anyone asking for advice. Read more…

Abundance – Peter Diamandis

A nice catalog of reasons to be optimistic about the future, providing an antidote to mainstream news. Read more…

12 Rules for Life – Jordan Peterson

12 Rules for Life Review Must read. The author is very opinionated and presents, what are ultimately, his opinions as facts – risking steamrolling readers who aren’t prepared to think for themselves. Despite that it is worth the risk given that he has almost certainly thought through his opinions more than the reader. Especially useful … Read More

Own The Day, Own Your Life – Aubrey Marcus

Own The Day, Own Your Life Review Good modern take on how to optimise your life. It covers a good balance of science, experiential, and evolutionary views. It would be difficult to read this and not get at least one thing out of it that you could incorporate into your daily life to improve it. … Read More

Head Strong – Dave Asprey

Head Strong Review Good to see the biohacking crowd start moving away from food and supplements for optimising performance and health. Full credit to Dave Asprey for this and the amount of scientific references and research he puts into this book. As one of the people who bought biohacking to the masses it is good … Read More

Triggers – Marshall Goldsmith

Triggers Review Solid book based on practical experience and foundations. I first heard about this book on the Cortex Podcast Book Club. I was intrigued that the author, an executive coach, only got paid after working with his clients for up to 2 years if, and only if, the people around them confirmed that the … Read More

Most Interesting Person in the Room – Neil Strauss

Most Interesting Person in the Room Review Whilst this is average deep inner game content it does provide a useful introduction to Neil Strauss’s work post writing The Game (US Book, UK Book). As with all of Neil Strauss’s work it is sprinkled with golden nuggets, cutting analysis and insight but overall contains too much … Read More

Psychology of Winning – Denis Waitley

Psychology of Winning Review One of the original self help audio books. It was recommended on some podcast I listened to. Full of actionable content and very little filler. The risk with this type of material in 2019 is that it all sounds cliche, it has been recycled and reused in so may ways that … Read More

Opportunity – Eben Pagan

Opportunity Review Good summary of Eben Pagan’s thinking and mindset regarding opportunity, the future and where he believes the world is heading. Not a how-to guide if that is what you are after but contains more mental models for making the most of this amazing time we are living in. I believe that we are … Read More